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In the captivating realm of literature, I shine my little weird light , weaving tales of mystery, romance, and Gothic intrigue that have very pleasingly gathered quite the cult following of fellow weirdos.


Here’s the official ‘Bio’


 Born and raised in the industrial landscapes of Lincolnshire, UK, Monaghan's literary journey has traversed continents, from the adventurous terrains of South Africa, where she experienced the thrill of cheetah kisses, to the vibrant book events across the pond in the United States.

Monaghan's academic prowess is reflected in her B.A. honours degree in History and English literature, a rich tapestry that feeds her creative spirit. Her novels, characterised by paranormal romance and Gothic mystery, have garnered critical acclaim and numerous accolades. Notably, her works achieved finalist positions in their genres at the IAN Book of the Year Awards in 2017 and the Readers' Favourite Awards in 2018, marking her excellence in the craft of writing. 


As an avid reader, Monaghan draws inspiration from literary giants such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Enid Blyton, Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, and her friend and mentor, the late indie author Ednah Walters. It was Walters who encouraged Monaghan to write the stories she wanted to read. Thus, the debut novel "Immaginario" was born, bringing to life Monaghan's own book boyfriend.


A self-proclaimed Scotophile, Monaghan now resides in the enchanting landscapes of Scotland with her husband and homeschooled children. True to the writer's stereotype, her household includes a cat named Slinky and, Casper and Loki, the miniature schnauzers. Monaghan's passion lies in crafting dark, dastardly historical and gothic tales that not only capture the imagination but also enthral the soul.


In an exciting venture, Monaghan has become part of the BooksOffice book-to-screen TV project, a testament to her literary prowess. With dreams as expansive as her storytelling, she aspires to elevate her novels, especially those featuring the mysterious wealthy anthropologist Lord Midnight Gunn, into a household name and a popular TV series, enchanting audiences with the enigmatic allure of her narratives. As the pages of C.L. Monaghan's novels turn, a world of mystery and Gothic wonder unfolds, inviting readers to embark on a journey where darkness and romance dance in perfect harmony.


In her recently launched podcast, "The Writer's Lathe," C.L. Monaghan warmly invites listeners to embark on a captivating journey into the depths of her creative realm. Explore the intricate tapestry of influences that shape her craft, as Monaghan skilfully unravels the threads of writing, history, mythology, and the supernatural. With profound insights, she reveals the alchemy that occurs in her creative process, where these diverse elements converge to lay the foundation for crafting exhilarating and bestselling Gothic mystery novels.


Listeners are treated to a behind-the-scenes experience as Monaghan shares the secrets of transforming raw ideas into compelling narratives that not only thrill but also resonate with audiences. Her podcast serves as a portal, allowing enthusiasts to tune in and witness the magic of how literary worlds are meticulously crafted. Monaghan's passion for storytelling is evident as she generously opens up about her creative processes, creating an engaging space for both readers and fellow writers to glean inspiration and insights. Join her in "The Writer's Lathe" as she imparts the wisdom gained from her literary endeavours, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of storytelling.

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