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IMMAGINARIO- the first in a duet of books following Naomi's journey into a world where dreams and desires come true. Torn between reality and her fervent imagination, she struggles to maintain control of her own life and it's destined path. Then she meets Joe and everything she ever knew to be real is turned upside down.


Have you ever fallen in love with a book boyfriend? Naomi Douglas did.
From the moment Naomi met Joe, she claimed him as her own.
Depressed and lonely, Naomi’s fascination with Joe quickly turns to obsession.
When she begins to experience corner of the eye phenomena, those around her start to question her sanity.
Needing desperately to escape the trappings of her soulless life, Naomi makes a decision that will thrust her into the realms of the supernatural.
As her life spins out of control she begins to regret her decision.
What she didn’t bank on was Joe.

IMMAGINARIO is a modern tale of one woman’s struggle to take control of her own destiny. An emotionally intense story of obsession, desire and determination, proving that anything is possible if you just believe.

Just be careful what you wish for…

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Immaginario book
wooden bookshelf
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Award-winning British author C.L. Monaghan brings you

ANDATO- Immaginario book 2. Available now!

Find out if Naomi and Joe will ever be reunited in the thrilling series conclusion.



‘Sometimes fate gets it wrong. Naomi isn’t happy with the hand destiny has dealt her. Life as a cosmic chronicler has been thrust upon her and her one chance at love cruelly ripped from her grasp. Determined to change her stars and achieve the unimaginable— a life with a lover that doesn’t exist— Naomi challenges the very powers that drive the universe in a battle for control and the right to choose her own path’

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