Boob Diaries #4 Battling Breast Cancer

Tits Up in 2020

It all went tits up in ’20

when the dreaded news arrived.

Your genes have let you down again,

just not the denim kind.

The Big C came a-prowling

like a slinking toxic cat.

It took me in its gaping maw

and bit me, just like that.

The lights went out in my world,

I couldn’t see a future.

Big C stole away from me

my life. O’ scavenging vulture.

For years it sat in wait

patient for the time,

to plant its sickly seed inside

so gluttonous to dine.

Greedy, gorging, growing fast

it revelled in my plight.

Big C grew complacent

for I had found my fight.

I see you now, breastless,

poisoned, starved and dying.

A shrinking salted slug.

Now you’re the one who’s crying.

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