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Midnight Gunn's Victorian Grimoire and Bestiary

Updated: Feb 28

As we move on through the shadows and secrets of the Midnight Gunn saga, I am thrilled to share an exciting project that has been brewing in the depths of my odd little brain for a very long time. Brace yourselves for the magical world of the Midnight Gunn Victorian Grimoire and Bestiary—a project that promises to be a long labor of love, with every page destined to captivate and transport you into the heart of Victorian mystique.

 Meet the Talent:

I am ecstatic to announce that the incredibly talented artist, Cathryn Carter, will be weaving her artistic magic throughout the grimoire and bestiary. Cathryn's skilful hand and keen eye for detail will breathe life into the pages, and creatures that inhabit Gunn's universe, creating a visual feast that complements the intricate tales of Midnight Gunn. Get ready to revel in the magical world of mythology with depictions of Pooka, Nixies, Selkies, Bog Gnomes and more!

 A Work of Art in Progress:

It's an ambitious project and I am fully aware that crafting a Victorian grimoire and bestiary is no small feat. The undertaking is extensive, requiring meticulous research, attention to historical detail, and the patience to delve into the depths of Midnight's world. However, I assure you, dear readers, that the journey will be well worth the wait.

 A Timeless Creation:

Creating a piece as unique and special as the Midnight Gunn Victorian Grimoire and Bestiary takes time and dedication. I am committed to ensuring that every detail, from the elegant calligraphy to the hauntingly beautiful illustrations, is crafted with precision and passion. This project is not just about delivering a book; it's about creating a timeless artefact that will stand the test of time and be cherished by fans for generations to come.

 Anticipation Building:

While the project is a long-term one, the anticipation is certainly building, and I promise it will be well worth the wait. The Midnight Gunn Victorian Grimoire and Bestiary will be a treasure trove of secrets, a visual and literary treat that invites you to immerse yourself in the world of Midnight like never before.

 Thrilling Fans for Years to Come:

The dedication poured into this project is fuelled by the desire to create something truly spectacular. As each page unfolds, revealing secrets, spells and creatures from the Midnight Gunn universe, I am confident that fans will fall in love with this gateway to a realm of magic and mystery that crosses the boundaries of imagination.

In closing, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and patience. The Midnight Gunn Victorian Grimoire and Bestiary is a passion project that aims to celebrate you-- Midnight's wonderful fans!

May the shadows guide us, and the light ignite our hearts.

Claire Monaghan- Curator of Midnight's Secrets

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