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Immaginario is the first book in the series by C.L. Monaghan, a gorgeous treat for fans of paranormal romance, a story that features an unusual love experience, obsession, and one woman's struggle to take control of her life. Naomi Douglas, a twenty-nine-year-old divorcee from Lincoln in East England, has an imagination that is profuse and effervescent, perhaps the one thing that would ruin her. A freelance proof-reader, feeling trapped in the doldrums of everyday life, she follows what she is good at, an escape, and thus she gives in to her fantasies, to the fictional character ofJoseph Ferrantino. Her fascination for this fictional character plunges her into the world of the paranormal, but can she take control of her life and win back her sanity, or is she destined for a path of no return? 

A great success for a debut novel, one that female readers will adore, and with a protagonist that will arrest the attention of male readers as well. Naomi Douglas comes across as real and relatable, the kind of character that echoes the wild and silent yearnings of most readers, especially in the dullest hours of the day. The narrative voice is strong and the prose exciting. It doesn’t take long for the reader to feel the emotional depth of the story as they get drawn into the world of the protagonist right away. Immaginario is a gorgeous read, somewhat noir and tantalising. C.L. Monaghan knows how to make readers feel they are navigating the complex web of their own tortured minds."

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite


The Hollows: A Midnight Gunn Novel is an historical mystery novel written by C.L. Monaghan. Detective Inspector Arthur Gredge had a serial assailant on his hands. The circumstances surrounding the latest victim, a Miss Emmeline Rowbotham, were particularly troublesome due to her being a member of a prominent family and to the fact that she had not survived the attack. The assailant’s other victims were from the lower classes of society and had been found alive, if barely so, and, while conscious, strangely devoid of volition. The case was bizarre and troubling enough that Gredge felt compelled to bring in Midnight Gunn, a paranormal investigator whose familiarity with the dark shadows made Gredge decidedly uncomfortable. But he was convinced that only Midnight would be able to resolve the situation.


C.L. Monaghan’s historical mystery novel, The Hollows: A Midnight Gunn Novel, had me hooked from the first page. Any Sherlock Holmes fan will delight in watching the two detectives look for clues in 1860s London and risk life and limb tracking down a diabolical miscreant. Midnight Gunn is one of the most exciting new detective characters to come around in some time. As I read this book, I began hoping that Monaghan comes up with any number of new and extraordinary cases to occupy the fine minds of Gunn and Dredge. This author makes her historical setting come alive, and watching as this finely plotted detective yarn unfolds is sheer joy. More Midnight Gunn adventures, please. The Hollows: A Midnight Gunn Novel is most highly recommended.

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