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Welcome to the world of Midnight Gunn...

...where mysteries intertwine with the supernatural, and danger lurks around every corner. Set against historical backdrops spanning from the Deep South during the American Civil War to the foggy streets of Victorian London, each installment of the series delves into a unique realm of darkness and intrigue.

"The Hollows" introduces us to Midnight Gunn, a detective with a supernatural birthright and a penchant for solving crimes that transcend the ordinary. Teaming up with Detective Inspector Arthur Gredge, Gunn navigates the treacherous alleys of London in pursuit of a notorious monster, Spring-heeled Jack. But as they uncover the truth behind the legend, they realize that some horrors are all too real.

In "Barghest," Gunn's adventures take him to the misty landscapes of Scotland, where a murder mystery intertwines with ancient folklore. Bodies vanish from the morgue, and a chilling creature known as the Barghest prowls the shadows. With his household in turmoil and his daughter missing, Gunn must rely on Inspector Gredge to unravel the sinister secrets lurking in the Scottish highlands.

"Draugr" plunges Gunn and Gredge into a realm of uncertainty as Gredge becomes the prime suspect in a crime he may not have committed. As Gunn races against time to clear his friend's name, he discovers a web of deceit and long-forgotten artifacts that hold the key to their salvation. But with danger closing in from all sides, Gunn must confront his own origins and the risks that come with uncovering the truth.

And in "Boo Hag," Gunn finds himself stranded in the midst of the American Civil War, where a noble mission turns into a fight for survival against bloodthirsty superstitions and the relentless pursuit of an unseen foe. As Midnight Gunn battles against the odds to return home to his family, he must confront the darkness that threatens to consume him.

Join C.L. Monaghan on a journey through the shadows, where each installment of the Midnight Gunn series promises a blend of Gothic mystery, paranormal intrigue, and heart-pounding suspense. Brace yourself for a series that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page

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London 1860

Midnight Gunn is no ordinary detective - born during a solar eclipse as Halley's Comet blazed a trail through the sky- his supernatural birthright is both a help and a hindrance when solving crimes.

Detective Inspector Arthur Gredge, of Scotland Yard, is the only one who knows Gunn's secret.

When the body of a young aristocrat is discovered in a backstreet alley, Gredge enlists Gunn’s help in a race to discover the identity of the notorious Spring-heeled Jack- the monster that is terrorising London.

A trail of clues and victims leads them to discover the horrifying truth behind a legend. 


Midnight Gunn: The Hollows, encompasses the thrill of a traditional Gothic mystery with an extra twist of paranormal, a splash of romance and a hint of horror!

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The Hollows: A Midnight Gunn Novel
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The Barghest : A Midnight Gunn Novel


Scotland 1862


A murder, a terrifying creature, and a battle for his affections were not what Midnight Gunn expected when he journeyed to Scotland for the summer. Bodies are mysteriously disappearing from the city morgue, Midnight’s growing household is in turmoil and someone or something lurks in the shadows, watching. When the net closes in around his heart and his daughter disappears, Midnight calls on Scotland Yard’s finest, Inspector Arthur Gredge, to aid in the hunt for the Barghest


Detective Inspector Arthur Gredge of Scotland Yard is a changed man, and not for the better it seems. The prime suspect in a terrible crime he did not commit, Gredge launches an impassioned defence. The problem is that he does not know if he is guilty or innocent.


 Midnight Gunn must uncover the cause of Gredge’s unsettling behaviour before the Inspector loses his mind, his job, or very possibly his life. It is a task that must be conducted with the utmost caution as Midnight’s own conduct comes under close scrutiny from all directions, putting his entire existence, and that of those he loves at risk.


Could a long-forgotten artefact hold the key to it all? How much is Midnight willing to risk exposure to help the friend who has shunned him? What secrets will he uncover about his own origins along the way?

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The Draugr : A Midnight Gunn Novel
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The Boo Hag: A Midnight Gunn Novel


American civil war - The Deep South


How did a noble mission to ensure the safe return of his daughter’s governess to New York, end with Midnight Gunn being stranded on an island off the coast of South Carolina, alone and in the middle of a brutal conflict?


Listening to the dying screams of a village as it burns, Midnight faces a journey home to his beloved family under threat of discovery and death. A trail of blood and superstition have plagued his time in the dark forests and swamps of the south. He must escape before ‘she’ catches his scent once again. As he stands on the shoreline, ragged and exhausted, Midnight must risk everything and enter a strangely familiar world in an effort to escape what hunts him. The only problem being that what lay in front of him, may yet prove more dangerous than what he is running from.



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The Half Bloods: A Midnight Gunn Novel
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