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To the Writer's Lathe


Unleash Your Writing Potential

with C.L. Monaghan's Exclusive

1:1 Mentoring Program!

Two Levels Available

Aspiring Writer,

Embarking on a writing journey can be both thrilling and challenging. Imagine having a seasoned guide by your side, someone who has not only conquered the literary world but has the passion to help you craft your own success story. Introducing our exclusive mentoring program with bestselling,
award-winning author C.L. Monaghan!

What's in Store for You?


Personalised Guidance: personalised feedback and tailored advice from C.L. Monaghan herself. Uncover your unique writing voice and strengthen your narrative skills under her guidance.

Monthly Video 1:1 Catch Ups: Enjoy the luxury of a 1-hour monthly video call with C.L. Monaghan to discuss your manuscript progress, address queries, and receive invaluable insights. This is your chance to connect, share ideas, and ensure you're on the right track to writing excellence.

Beta Read/Copy Edit:  C.L. Monaghan will provide an in-depth beta read and copy edit  of your manuscript. Gain invaluable feedback on your writing style, plot structure, and character development to elevate your work to the next level.

Accelerated Growth: If you're a budding writer C.L. Monaghan's mentoring will unlock the doors to literary success.

Why Choose C.L. Monaghan?


C.L. Monaghan is not just an award-winning author; she's a mentor committed to nurturing emerging talents. With a track record of crafting bestsellers and a genuine passion for fostering literary potential, she is your ideal guide on this exciting writing adventure.

Limited Spaces Available - Act Now!

This exclusive 1:1 mentoring program has limited spots, ensuring personalised attention and dedicated support for each participant. Don't miss the opportunity to refine your craft, receive expert guidance, and set your writing aspirations ablaze. CONTACT US NOW to enquire.

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Downloadable Courses

Learn at your own pace!
Join our dedicated learner forum.

CLICK- BUY- DOWNLOAD and start learning straight away! It's that easy.

The Fundamentals Of Crafting Great Stories

Normally: £150

Special Offer £112


Perfect for new writers!

Fundamentals of creative writing
Fundamentals of creative writing course book
Mastering world building
Mastering world building course book

Mastering World Building

Normally £65

Special Offer £50


  • In depth course focussing on World Building for Fantasy and Sci-fi

Exclusive Writing Mentorship Packages Now Available!

Budget Package: £270


3 x 1-hour Monthly Video Calls

Comprehensive Beta Read/Copy Edit of Your

First Three Chapters

Exclusive Writing Mentorship Packages Now Available!

All-in Package: £450


6 x 1-hour Monthly Video Calls

Comprehensive Beta Read/Copy Edit of Your

Full Manuscript (up to 80k words)

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